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School Board Watch

Our local school boards are at the center of influencing educational outcomes for youth. School boards set policies that can make it easier or harder for kids to obtain a high-quality education.


Equity in Education’s School Board Watch program is recruiting people to commit to attending their monthly scheduled school board meetings to provide public comment and/or to take notes to inform EiE’s public recaps for the Village. .

Action Steps

There are easy actions you can take today to ensure achieving equity is the focus of education policy in Atlanta.

give Public comment

Give public comment (in-person or via email) at Board meetings. 

take notes

Take notes that will inform our school board watch re-cap for social media.

grade the board

Give feedback on how the school board is doing using our accountability tool.

Join the School Board Watch

Keep Atlanta's School Board Accountable

Pay Close Attention to the Critical Issues this School Year

superintendent search

The Atlanta Board of Education is searching for its 5th Superintendent in 10 years who will oversee the day-to-day operations of Atlanta Public Schools and execute the Board’s policy vision and goals.

Annual budget (2024-25)

The Atlanta Board of Education reviews, approves, and monitors an annual budget for each school year. A large portion of school district funding comes from local tax dollars, so even if you don’t have a child in school, you should have input into the budget of our school district.

school quality

The Atlanta Board of Education evaluates progress in literacy proficiency and math proficiency across the district. The quality of Atlanta Public Schools impacts the quality of our communities. We must support our local public schools because every child’s education journey will determine if they become productive members of society.

Grade the Board

Our school boards become better governing bodies through community feedback and accountability. We have created an interactive tool where you can assess how effective school board governance is in the Atlanta Public School District.

Upcoming School Board Meetings

Ban Out-Of-School Suspensions for K-5

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