Equity in Education


The current landscape.

In APS, students with lower academic achievement experience more disciplinary consequences. Instead of getting extra support and wraparound services when struggling, our kids experience harsher disciplining. 
In APS, Black students received 93 percent of disciplinary consequences compared to just 4 percent for Hispanic students and 2 percent for white students.

This means that Black students are more likely to be kicked out of school than any other student demographic.

Explore the data below to see how disparities in discipline play out across Atlanta.

Considerations for Implementation

Restorative Discipline Practices empower students to learn from their mistakes, analyze the harm caused by their actions, and grow to make more sound decisions and resolve problems. By adopting this approach, the District will be cultivating a community that helps all students learn to strategically solve problems, take ownership of their behavior, and extend empathy and forgiveness to themselves and to others.

Ban Out-Of-School Suspensions for K-5

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