Equity in Education

Literacy Through Science of Reading

The current landscape.

In 2021, just 8 percent of APS 3rd through 8th graders living in poverty tested proficient in reading.


The 92 percent of  APS 3rd through 8th graders living in poverty are now nearly four times more likely to drop out of high school and engage in juvenile delinquency, violence, and crime.

Literacy is the key to reversing intergenerational poverty. Our kids deserve the right to read.

The Proposal

EiE is proposing the adoption of a strategic literacy plan that uses the “science of reading” to make English proficiency a priority. By adopting a literacy plan that expands the use of evidence-based reading practices across the city, the District will positively transform reading proficiency in a method that provides students with the confidence and self-reliance to thrive socially and academically.


Reading proficiency provides students with the tools to pursue their career goals and evade poverty. This makes reading an act of liberation for 69% of APS students living in poverty.

Ban Out-Of-School Suspensions for K-5

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