Equity in Education

Atlanta’s children deserve the best.

All children deserve an equitable education…

…but they are not receiving it, and they are aware that they are not receiving it. Our children need a system of schools, policies, and leaders that will put them on track to have their educational needs met and reach their highest selves.

We are building a comprehensive vision of education and community in Atlanta that accounts for every stakeholder and ensures that every child in Atlanta has a champion for equity representing them on the school board.


We Support.

We put energy and resources behind candidates who center students and elevate equitable policies over politics.

We Engage.

We partner with families, community stakeholders, organizations, and voters to build a robust ecosystem of advocacy. Read more about the platform we developed with community research.

We Advocate.

We work and exist for kids. Read more about the four planks that we think are critical to an equity roadmap in Atlanta.

Ban Out-Of-School Suspensions for K-5

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