Equity in Education

Where the Village Meets

We are building a comprehensive vision of education and community in Atlanta that accounts for every stakeholder and ensures that every child has a champion for equity.

Model Atlanta

Enroll in our interactive civics learning series, and cultivate your democratic power to create change in Atlanta's schools.

The Village PAC

Join the community in pooling our economic resources together to support bold candidates for school board.

The Fellowship

Apply for our candidate training fellowship where we invest in Atlanta's emerging leaders and prepare them for office.

The Policy Coalition

Contribute to our comprehensive vision of education in Atlanta by creating equity-driven policy.

Join the Village

With our inclusive approach to the Village, there’s a way for everyone to contribute—you can run for office, help create policy, become an informed citizen or invest your financial resources. Join the EiE Village and make a difference for Atlanta’s students.

Equity isn't the end goal, it's the starting point

“The work Equity in Education is leading to create avenues and connect residents to the process to show up to school board meetings is how you rebuild trust.”

Rep. Phil Olaleye

Our Impact

“It was my first Issues Assembly. I loved everything about it. The energy, the people, the conversation, and the collaboration, and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Kellye Britton, EiE Fellow

“I believe EiE wants equity for every student in atlanta, in every school. No equity org has brought everyone together.”

Jason Allen, National Parents Union


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Ban Out-Of-School Suspensions for K-5

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